March 14, 2008

The Sowa Open Market

The Sowa Open Market
Starting May 17, 2008 - South End

It is still only mid-March, but come May 17th and 18th, it is the opening weekend of the 5th season of the Sowa Open Market. I walked where the market takes place last Friday and its a great open lot that they fill with tents. It is a farmer's market as well as a great place which local artist sell their goods. You can also apply to sell there as well. I will be traveling that opening weekend, but they have them each weekend during the hot summer months! There will be new things each weekend. I encourage you to go!

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Mackenzie said...

i want to go! i'm down for a farmers market that is not haymarket. bleeegh. and what i really need is more arty things for the "surfaces" in the apt. hehe.

p.s. sowa? is that south of washington? i knew the south end was gonna be our soho.