October 7, 2008

Mythical and Mystical

AJ Liberto - Return to Ooze
October 3 - 24, 2008 - Rotch Library @ MIT

Somerville resident AJ Liberto's latest exhibit titled 'Return to Ooze' at the Rotch Library has some great work showcasing many of his new pieces based on mythical, mystical and scientific transformations invloving liquid. All started this past Friday, and is open until October 24, 2008.

Gubicza at SOWA

Zooguu by The Sweetest Pea
Affordable Local Art

Saw my old typography teacher Jen Gubicza down at the SOWA Open Market this past weekend. I thought she moved to Brooklyn. I guess she did, but she still takes every chance to sell her little handmade stuffed animals. I know they used to sell iPod case monsters, but she didn't have any on her table this past Sunday. I believe she'll be back in SOWA this Sunday, but don't quote me. Great chance to get down to one of the last SOWA Open Market's of the year. I will be making my third trip this Sunday. Also checkout SweetestPea.com

October 4, 2008

Old Fashion Freak

Bill Domonko
Lumen Eclipse - October 1 - 30, 2008

Lumen Eclipse is proud to present the solo show of Bill Domonko who has some crazy old fashion feel films, that are very abstract. My favorite has to be 'Lu deux fois' which I recommend you checkout. Also don't forget to attend the LE:60 film festival tonight (after being pushed back a week). All starts around 5:30/6 to 10pm. With live music by Pants Yell!

October 3, 2008

Exploring Wildness and Excess

Hairston-Medice, O’Malley, Blatman - Overflow
Oct 3 - Nov 22, 2008 - Laconia Gallery

Starting tonight, the Laconia Gallery opens their newest showing by Hairston-Medice, O'Malley, Blatman, who all have MFA's in painting and from Somerville, yet the show displays a number of different types of work such as painting, ink, and knitting sculpture as well. The show as well as the opening is tonight starting at 5:30 to 8.

October 2, 2008

Straight Up Colour

Rose Olson - Just Color, No Curves
Kingston Gallery - Sept 30 - Nov 1, 2008

Rose Olson has some gorgeous work up at the Kingston Gallery. Paint on wood veneer, with the grain of the wood coming through to add to the work. The exhibition's opening is on Friday starting at 5pm to 7:30, open to the public.

October 1, 2008

Redi Light

Erwin Redi - A Light Installation
Sept 26 - Nov 30, 2008 - Emerson College

Emerson has an ill show at the Huret and Spector Gallery which you need to go see, and so do I. It just went up a few days ago. Redi uses LED lights, with the combination with the architecture of the rooms to make an amazing impression. Of course he uses red(i) lights.

September 29, 2008

Q&A with Marquis via Design:Related

Blake E. Marquis - Interview

While not exactly in Boston, actually it is in LA, the latest show featuring Blake E. Marquis. While the show is on the other side of the country, we did feature Blake way back during the early weeks of The Struggling Blogger, it is great to checkout his latest stuff. We do want to highlight a ten Q&A interview passed to us from the nice people at Design:Related. Be sure to checkout his latest work as well, on his portfolio.


Jenna Casey - Portfolio

Checkout Jenna Casey who recently graduated from MassArt with a great portfolio, which includes a well tailored collection of books which impressed me.

The Struggling Blogger is making a big effort to display more design and even more student design portfolio sites or AIGA pages, you if your interested, submit.

Ice Ice, Dentyne

Dentyne Ice - Ad Campaign

It you haven't been taking the MBTA, and you can still afford gas, well your missing some good advertising. Dentyne Ice a few weeks back came out with their 'Original Instant Message' campaign. It is a clever idea since I have seen them, and after writing about the fun Sharks & Rays ads back in July is sparked an idea...

The MBTA is filled with great ads, but is also filled with a bunch of horrible ads. This Winter 'The Struggling Blogger' will present the first ever top and bottom ten of MBTA advertising. We are going to have this twice a season, the end of the Winter and the end of the Summer. Collecting candidates starts... now!

September 27, 2008

Student Design Scholarship

Tim Moore Scholarship - Deadline: November 1, 2008

AIGA Boston is honored to offer a scholarship in memory of our colleague, Tim Moore. To be entered you first must be a Junior or Senior design student who is planning to student abroad for any period of time. Also while traveling, and studying you are asked to carry a sketchbook and submit to AIGA when you return. Thirdly you are asked to submit your current transcript and acceptance documents of your program abroad. Finally you must fill out the official scholership applcation PDF. Deadline is Saturday November 1, 2008.

September 26, 2008

Rain Delay

LE:60 - Rescheduled
October 4, 2008 - Lumen Eclipse

After what felt like a number of video extension submission deadlines, as well as changing the date of the 1st annual LE:60 festival of 60 second films. The LE:60 festival finally had a set time, with press eating up this new event. Until just an hour ago I got an email saying due to weather, the event will be postponed (again) to next Saturday, October 4th. I'm still going, but damn son, I'll watch it in the rain at this point.

Vidal's Folk Art

Jacques Louis Vidal - I Make My Own Luck
Sept 12 - Oct 22, 2008 - LaMontagne Gallery

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 11-6pm, the LaMontagne Gallery has some nice and folk inspired work to open the fall season by Jacques Louis Vidal. Also in their project room they got Paul Waddell. The show started back on the twelfth of September, but the show doesn't end until the 22nd of October. Located on 555 East 2nd Street in South Boston.

September 25, 2008

Big Weekend 4 LE

Lumen Eclipse: October Exhibit Opening Party
September 26, 2008 - The Middlesex

Lumen Eclipse is one of the more exciting gallery/video... whatever they are, in the Boston area, and this week is a perfect display of that. Tomorrow they are launching their October exhibit with an opening party for Bill Domonko. A sneak peak of his work will be on display tomorrow at the Middlesex (Cambridge 315 Mass Ave.) from 7 to 9pm. The public is encouraged to attend, and its free. All leading up to the big evening of the first annual LE:60 on Saturday. More information later today or early tomorrow.

September 22, 2008

Download, Print and Vote

Get Out The Vote 2008
Download, Print, Post - AIGA Boston

Checkout the 24 great posters designed for you to download, print, post and encourage your neighborhood, school, workplace or where-ever to get out the vote this coming November. Some are type, some are illustration, with at least one that will please your eye.