March 25, 2008

"Hey, I Can Do That!"

Liliana Porter Exhibition
March 1 - April 9, 2008 - Barbara Krakow Gallery

This exhibition at Barbara Krakow Gallery to an untrained eye might say "Hey, I Can Do That!". Well you probably can, and I can as well, but this is is still hilarious and amazing at the same time. What, is this Jill fetching some black ink and and a play miner ripping the paper apart. I think all the pieces are pretty clever. The show is not all like this, but you can get the idea! Why I don't know what is behind the show, as the Barbara Krakow Gallery is a very famous gallery in the Boston area, so it has to be good, even if it is hard to realize. Why I am not demanding you go to the gallery, you should look at the rest of the work she has done. Checkout More!

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