March 25, 2008

Poppin' My Fucking Mind

ABC-3D / Moby Dick Pop-up Books

Pop-up books are all I am thinking about lately, as I have to create one of my own for my Artists Books course. Then of course I run into a great pop-up book video which shows the ABC's. Trust me even making the G in the video is extremely tricky as I tried making one the other day. After watching this I searched one of the best pop-up book artist in the country by the name of Sam Ita. I worked along side of him last summer in LA. He went to Pratt for Graphic Design, but now he is a pop-up artist, and making insane books such as the second video above. He is a quiet guy, but he speaks best through pop-up. His books are sold nation wide. Damn impressive. Enjoy!

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